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Horseshoe Nail Ring

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    These lucky horseshoe nail rings were handcrafted by me – a blacksmith. These Nail rings are cold forged in their natural silver tone. All of my rings are checked for proper size prior to shipping using a steel ring mandrel for U.S standard ring sizes. If you need a partial size contact me and I’ll see what I can do 🙂 Whether your going for a hipster look, western wear, horse lover, old fashioned romantic or reliving your childhood with a lucky nail ring, our nail rings are right for you. My Horseshoe Nail Rings are all made to size and are a closed circle unlike others who don’t properly size to fit but sell “fits most-Adult/Child” or “adjust” an opening in the circle form allowing the nail tip to be exposed separated and open from the nail’s head – that can pinch your finger or worse. My ring sizes are all a closed circle and/or have the tips removed. Rings are neatly packaged and attached to a professionally printed double sided information card stock explaining some of the history and lore of the Horseshoe Nail. All shipments come with tracking and are shipped first class in a padded envelope.

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