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Longbowmaker Premium Handmade Brass Thumb Ring For Traditional Archery TR2

Product Features

  • good for protect the archer's thumb from arrow while the player is shooting (these ring have been handmade to the finest quality)
  • suit for the Eastern traditional archery; for example, Korean, Chinese, and Mongolian style
  • robust as same as other materials and hard to brittle
  • premium hand made from Longbowmaker with various size of thumb ring
  • SKU:Tr2(18*20)
(as of 03/19/2018 06:17 UTC - Details)

Product Description


Material: Brass

The resin thumb ring is a kind of hand-guard tool. It is worn on the fingers that hook the string to withhold the bowstring. At the same time, when people shoot arrows, it also can prevent scratching fingers from the rapid withdrawing bowstring.It is also known as “Ji” in the ancient time, that is “Ban Ji”, which means that it can act as a trigger.

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