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Black Tourmaline and Raw Diamond Ring Set – Rose Gold Plated Size 5

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    Carefully handcrafted to showcase a small but stunning raw gemstone, each of these stunning little rings displays a completely natural stone encased in copper and sealed. This ring was specifically designed for my new Foxy line- because Bohemia doesn’t have to cost a lot! This line was created to fill a need for awesome jewelry at a lower price. This way you can purchase just one or build a collection over time.

    Black Tourmaline- Revered for its pyroelectric makeup (the ability to create a static charge and draw lightweight particles to itself in the process) has created a set of myths and legends both powerful and dark surrounding this stone. Most often in history it is associated with ritualistic magic and used almost exclusively as a protection against evil or dark magic. It also displays a piezoelectric effect, which means when bend a certain way it will become electrically charged which has only added to metaphysical ethos.

    You are ordering the exact ring in the photo’s which is a size 4.75.

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