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Alone Moon 50pcs 6.5mm Round Whtie Cubic Zirconia Resplendent Grade Hearts and arrows cut for Ring/ Necklace /Earrings inlay and DIY hand-made

Product Features

  • Very high fire sparkle in sunlight and with point light sources
  • High quality material, no impurities inside, super shiny
  • European automatic machine cutting, diamond cutting surface, hearts and arrows
  • High temperature, no discoloration, Mohs hardness: 8.5
  • Stable supply, sold to the world, there are any quality problems to support return replacement
Sale Price: $22.89
Price: $29.59
You Save: $6.70
(as of 03/20/2018 06:03 UTC - Details)

Product Description

• Pick high quality cubic zirconia raw materials to ensure that every CZ shines bright
• Resplendent Grade Hearts and arrows cut
• After a number of process screening, to ensure that the stone is flawless
• Optically similar to natural diamonds, or even better
• If you want the color or size we do not, please e-mail contact us customer service

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