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Silicone Push Mold RAVEN BIRD HEAD Cabochon Flexible Mould SAFE FOR FOOD Crafts Clay Soap Resin

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    Price: $12.95
    (as of 03/20/2018 05:52 UTC - Details)

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    Flexible Mold RAVEN CROW Cabochon

    This is a silicone flexible mold. The finished size of the cabochon is 1 1/4 x 1 “. (this listing is for the flexible mold only and the cabochon shown is one I made from the mold) Please make sure the finished size to make sure it will work for your project.

    * flexible molds are super easy to use! Great for use with polymer and other clays or resins for jewelry crafting

    * can be reused many many times

    Great to use for candies or chocolates for unique decorations on cakes!

    *If you use the mold for food don’t use it for any other material other than food to avoid cross contamination. The mold will withstand heat up to 395 degrees.

    * Not intended for use by children under age 13 without adult supervision

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