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Celtic Loops and Spirals Aluminum Shawl Pin, Knitters Gift, Handmade in Oregon USA, Scarf Pin

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    We hammered and swirled 9 gauge (about 1/8″ diameter) aluminum wire to make this Celtic knot inspired loopy shawl pin. Aluminum makes it much lighter than it appears. Really! This pin would work best on an open weave/ knit type garment and is not intended for tightly woven fabric.
    We smoothed all the edges so that it will not catch on your shawl.

    The pin measures about 3 – 3 1/2″ long and about 1 3/8″ across the widest part. The stick pin part with the spiral on top that slips through the main loops and spirals design to secure the pin is about 4 1/4- 4 7/8″ long.

    Every item is handmade by us so there are some slight variations in size which is why we give the range of sizes the item will be. If you need it to be an exact size please contact us and we can make sure it is the size you need. It is helpful to pull out a ruler when you read the measurements so that you can get a true sense of size since it’s often hard to tell just from photos.

    You can gently bend the outer edges of the main piece to create a looser or tighter fit with the pin. Although we hammer the metal to give it extra rigidity and strength it is still quite bendable and malleable and may not work well for your hair.

    All our jewelry comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper, in a nice gift box and tied with a bow ready for gift giving.

    We hand make each pin and try hard to make them look the same as the pin in the pictures. There may be some minor differences but the one you will receive will look very similar to the one you see in the pictures.

    Sometimes a grey mark may be left on the exit and entrance points of the pin on a light colored garment due to the abrasive nature of wool on aluminum.

    Aluminum does not tarnish like silver does. It may become a little duller over time. It can be washed in soapy water and shined up with a polishing cloth.

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