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OMEM Halloween cat collar charm, Halloween pet Bell, handmade tag for dog collar pumpkin (S)

Product Features

  • Christmas pumpkin decorations applicable to almost any size of cats and dogs, bells allows you to quickly tell your pet to accompany small pets collar pumpkins grow up happy.
  • Cute pets like our children. When we see their eyes, warm feeling hits. They sleep looks like a furry little ball. I like to see them everywhere, drill to drill. crisp sound sounded in the night sky.
  • Has a natural anti-bacterial properties, it should not require frequent cleaning. It can be spot cleaned or soaked, easy to clean, five squash bell collar dog trot along the road shake.
  • For playful cats, dogs, Labrador, Teddy, Chihuahua, mini Doberman, Schnauzer, husky, Persian, Berman, teacup VIP gifts toyger like.
  • More interesting things added to a pet's daily life. Let your life more exciting
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Product Description

All Hallow Eve
Make your dog look even cuter
Your top choice!

Collar Size
-XS: Length 15-20 cm, Width 1 cm. For kitten, rabbit and teacup poodle
-S: Length 20-30 cm, Width 1 cm. For small dogs and adult cats
-M: Length 30-45 cm, Width 1 cm. For medium-sized dogs
-L: Length 45-75 cm, Width 1 cm. For large dogs

Funny party on festival
Everybody smiles at your pooch when she (he) is wearing it

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