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Real Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Necklace – Taxidermy jewelry – Insect necklace – blue sapphire pendant – december birthstone

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    This stunning blue morpho necklace is made with a species of the Blue Morpho butterfly called the “Blue Atlas Morpho” (Scientific name: Morpho Rhetenor) that is a deeper more intense blue than any other Blue Morpho! (Read more below about how I ethically obtain the wings!). The wings are embedded under a magnified glass cabochon – your choice of the large 30x40mm (as pictured) or the smaller 22x30mm version, and set in antique silver (as pictured) or antique gold setting. You may also choose between a short 18″ chain or a long 30″. If you choose silver, you may choose between a silver tone chain or an upgrade to a sterling silver chain. Each piece will arrive in its own organza gift bag or gift box with literature on the species of butterfly! The Morpho Rhetenor Butterfly (also known as the “Blue Atlas Morpho”) is a rare morpho species found in the amazon rainforest in countries such as Peru & Brazil. The wings are an intense iridescent metallic blue in color that changes depending on how the light hits them. *NOTE* My wings come from butterflies that have been raised on butterfly farms & conservatories and allowed to live their full lifespan, which naturally averages about 2-4 weeks and are then collected and preserved so that their beauty can live on! Butterfly Farming actually helps to preserve rain forests and also assures the survival of natural butterfly habitats. Native people are encouraged to grow plants and raise insects as opposed to clearing land for cash crops. Raising and selling insects is the only incentive many indigenous people have to save their tropical forests. I am proud to be a member of the RAINFOREST ALLIANCE! I support and donate to the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rainforest and the thousands of species living in it, including the Blue Morpho Butterfly!

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