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Sterling Silver Transparent Heart Pendant Necklace by TAMI – Floral Jewelry – with Real Natural Pressed Forget Me Not Flowers (Symbol of Eternal Love), and 17.7 inches 925 Hearts Links Chain,

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    The item features a special coating for protection. Our main intention is to make the flower to look beautiful in every item, since they are the main stars in our jewelry. Here is the forget-me-not flower, full of legend and mysticism as well as tenderness and beauty; and when combined with the precious metal typical of Mexico, the silver, we create an aesthetically beautiful and symbolic piece that also preserves our traditional Mexican style. The “Forget-me-not flower” symbolizes sincere and pure love, that which only happens once in a life time, leaving a special mark. Just as the most intense, pure and true love hides behind the deepest silence; this small and beautiful flower always grows in hidden places symbolizing the true love which cries in silence, waiting, perhaps, for some answer.

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