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Three Keys Jewelry Birthstone Charm Bracelet Birth Month Bangle Infinity Tree of Life Charm Stretch Bracelet January Red T001

Product Features

  • Handmade stretch birthstone beads bracelet with The Life Tree Charm; We provide life time warranty to this product covers issues that were built-in to product itself. FREE for Return or Exchange
  • The Life Tree Charm is the symbole of wisdom, means the hope of life. It also shows your generosity ( Kindness, Love, Sincerity )!
  • January or Aquarius Stone is the best symbol of True Friendship & Faithful Protection! And such stone has special function of resisting mishap and getting more good luck (Especially from Love)
  • Inner Length: 6.9 inches; Bead Diameter: 0.4 inches; Weight: 1.2 oz;
  • Luxurious and Fashion Style, each matchs a Nice Box, ready to be given as a gift for Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas
(as of 03/22/2018 10:57 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Buy 1 Get 1: Click “Add Both to Cart” from Applicable Promotion(s) / Special offers part to buy the bracelet with the Inner Side ” Believe in Yourself ” Open Cuff Bangle for free.

We provide life time warranty to this ring covers issues that were built-in to product itself, excluding the damage caused by buyers themselves.

The Symbol of Birthstone Bracelet: Birthstone has Twelve Gemstones Representing 12 Months and 12 Zodiac! And Each Stone has Unique Function and Symbol.

A.Garnet Stone Represents January or Aquarius! Symbol of True Friendship and Faithful Protection!
B.Amethyst Stone Represents February or Pisces! Symbol of Holy, Pure, True Love!
C.Aquamarine Stone Represents March or Aries! Symbol of Wisdom, Health, Hope!
D.Diamond Stone Represents April or Taurus! Symbol of Beauty, Firmness, Eternality!
E.Emerald Stone Represents May or Gemini! Best Symbol of Happiness, Health, Blessing!
F.Pearl Stone Represents June or Cancer! Symbol of Longevity, Abundance, Peace!
G.Ruby Stone Represents July or Leo! Symbol of Passion, Dignity, Lucky! H.Peridot Stone Represents August or Virgo! Symbol of Happiness, Harmony, Love!
I.Sapphire Stone Represents September or Libra! Symbol of Good Hope, Noble!
J.Opal Stone Represents October or Scorpio! Best Symbol of Peace, Patience!
K.Topaz Stone Represents November or Sagittarius! Symbol of Strength, Victory, Love!
L.Turquoise Stone Represents December or Capricorn! Symbol of Success, Wealth, Lucky!

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