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Natural Amethyst Earrings on HYPOALLERGENIC Surgical Steel Studs

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    Most known for being the February birthstone, these stunning purple crystals have a really fun mythology… Legend says that once upon a time a beautiful young maiden was on her way to worship at the temple of Diana when the lecherous Baccus saw her and, consumed by her beauty, pursued her with ill intent. Diana, upon seeing the plight of her devotee, turned the girl into a stunning clear crystal. Baccus upon seeing this sudden change in form saw his folly and in his remorse poured wine all over the crystal turning it a beautiful deep purple and thus Amethyst was born.

    These earrings can range in size and shape, but will be approximately 10-14 mm . Each will be unique and stunning. They are all set on HYPOALLERGENIC Surgical Steel posts and adhered with a 2-part marine grade epoxy.

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